Inward Nine

I’ve provided legal counsel to startup companies for nearly 25 years. I live in Seattle, a software town, and my work fits my town – most clients have been software companies, with some retail, telecom, medical device and biotech businesses as well. I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about the “nuts and bolts” of starting and running a company, and I’ll share some of that knowledge in my posts. Beyond the nuts and bolts, the part of my work I’ve found most interesting and enjoyable is being a trusted advisor to founders, and CEO founders in particular. The role of CEO of any business is incredibly challenging and often lonely. The CEO of a startup company shares those qualities, but also includes the incredibly hard work of launching and scaling a business. It is arguably the most difficult job in business. I believe I am an effective trusted advisor to startup CEO’s because I have both deep experience and (IMHO) true empathy for the journey. I describe the essence of my role as “life coach to entrepreneurs”. I plan to share some of what I’ve learned along the way in these posts.  Thanks for reading.